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Locinox 4.0

The Future

We’re expanding. Both material as in personnel.

Locinox is bursting at the seams and needs a substantial expansion of capacity to support its strong revenue growth. Our daring project Locinox 4.0, the Smart Factory of the Future, will allow us to live up to all our ambitions, efforts and export goals.

On top of every innovative, digital and production-oriented advantage, Locinox 4.0 should become a second home to our employees. We need many more helping hands to reach for our goals. We’re looking for qualitative quantity in our search for more than fifty new Locinoxers to join us in our 4.0 site.

You can now also follow the construction itself. Every five minutes a new picture is taken so that you can follow everything from in detail. Through this link you can see what is currently happening at Locinox 4.0!

Smart Factory

The road to personal and professional development is wide open in our Smart Factory. We’re building it to take into consideration the well-being of more than 130 colleagues. Pleasant and ergonomic picking workstations, an experience center, relaxation areas, an outdoor patio, a roof top terrace and over 1.5 hectacres of green space with a picnic meadow turn Locinox 4.0 into the place 4 you.

These bonus facilities are an invitation to mix and mingle after working hours, to exercise and to hold company events. Monthly drinks in themes such as Oktoberfest, a Caribbean Pool Party or Back to the 90’s… is it 2023 already?

You have the chance to co-write a challenging and exciting new chapter in the tale of a local family business that takes over the world.

Become part of the story